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Poker Strategy

Poker Strategy is more then just betting when you have a good hand. The majority of poker games are finished before the river, and a big percentage are finished even before the flop is seen. This all comes down to the way that the players are playing, and the strengths of the other players hands. Before you go out and start betting your entire bankroll, you need to understand proper poker strategy. we've outlined some good strategy tips for online poker games for you below. Take these points into consideration when you play and you'll be a better player in no time.

Strategy Points

Number of players - When there's a smaller number of players (5 or 6) in a hand, there's a lot less chance that another player will have a strong hand. Hands with 10 players in them often have at least one good strong hand somewhere, so it's good to think of this before going crazy with bets.

Player Aggression - Look at how aggressively the other players are betting in that round, and what they have done in the rounds before. You'll need to be able to judge if the players that are betting big are serious or if they are bluffing.

Your Bankroll - When you're down to your last few dollars, it's essential that you choose which hands to bet on wisely. By betting on the right hand you can get a good win. Take your chances on the wrong hand and you're out of the game. Alternatively, if you've got $2,000 at a $1/$2 table, then you can afford to take a few more risks with the pot.

Position - Player position os very important in deciding on bets. We've outlined this in another article all about Player Starting Positions.

Your Ability To Cope With Risk - If you are cool under pressure and can handle anything that the game throws at you, you can give yourself a chance to do more with a hand. if you're like a lot of players and playing a high-risk game all the time just wears you out, it's better off not taking those risks often. You'll do better sitting back and playing tight, waiting for the right hands to come up.

If you can keep these strategies in mind then your game will be a lot tighter and you'll give your opponents a bigger scare. The only way to really get the strategy down is to practice. The best places to practice are these great online poker rooms.