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Poker Glossary

Poker terms can be a bit hard to understand if you're not up with the lingo. Here we have outlined the best poker terms for you to sound so much more like the pros.


Ante - The payment made by players at the start of a Stud poker game as a fee for playing that hand

All In - To go "All In" is when you don't have enough chips in your bankroll to cover the current bet so your entire bankroll is added to the pot and whatever you win from the pot only goes up to the level of your contribution to the pot


Bad Beat - When your hand is one that is only one of few that could win the pot, but is beaten by an even higher hand such as if you had a Full House and your opponent has Four-Of-A-Kind

Big Blind - The payment made by the player that is second to the left of the dealer in a Hold'Em game before the first round

Blank - A card that doesn't add to any hands possible with the community cards

Bottom Pair - When you have a pair in your hand that consists of one card in your hole cards and a matching card in the community cards

Buy In - This is the amount of money that you have to pay to enter a poker tournament usually expressed as $20+$2 meaning that a fee of $20 goes towards the prize pool and there is an extra $2 entry fee payable to the poker room


Call - To add an amount to your bet to make it equal to the highest bet currently on the table

Check - To not bet on a round with the option of betting when play returns to you in that round

Counterfeit - A community card that makes your hand less valuable by duplicating a card in your hand


Dead Money - Money that is bet by a player that has no chance of winning the pot

Draw Dead - To play a hand that would be good if the right cards come up in the community cards when your hand would be beaten by another hand in the game anyway


Fast Play - When a player bets their hand aggressively and raises as much as possible

Fish - A player that is inexperienced and usually does not win ending up giving their money to the better players at the table

Flop - The first lot of three cards that make up the community cards

Freeroll - A poker tournament that offers prizes for the winners, but does not charge a fee for entry


Gutshot Straight - A hand that contains four cards that need a connecting card to make a straight, such as a 9, 10, Q K that needs a J to form a straight


Heads Up - A game that is being played by only two players

House - The poker room, casino or other establishment that is hosting the poker game


Jackpot - A bonus that is played to players that get a special combination of cards in their hand on top of any money that they win in that hand


Kicker - A card that does not form part of a winning hand rank but may be used to break a tie if two players have the same ranked hands


Maniac - A player that bets, raises and plays very aggressively usually not taking much regard for the hands that they re player but rather betting for the thrill of gambling

Micro Limit - A poker game that has a very low bet limit, usually around $0.25/$0.50 and less

Muck - To throw your hand in after every other player has folded the hand without showing your cards to the other players


No Limit - A poker game that has no maximum limit on what can be bet at each turn

Nuts - The best possible hand for the community cards that are on the table


Out - A card that will make your non-ranking hand into a ranking hand

Over Pair - To have a pair in your hand that have a higher ace value then any card in the community cards


Pocket - Another name for the cards in the players hand

Pot Limit - A poker game that limits the amount a player can bet to the amount of money that is currently in the pot when that player makes their bet


Quads - Another name for a Four-Of-A-Kind


Rainbow - A flop that has all three cards of different suits making a flush impossible for that hand

Rake - The amount of money that is taken from the pot to pay the house for hosting the poker game

Re-Buy - To buy into a poker tournament for a second, third or more time after loosing all of your chips in the same game

Ring Game - A standard game of poker at a normal table where players can come and go as they please

River - The fifth community card


Satellite - A tournament that offers an entry to a high-prized tournament as a prize instead of normal cash prizes

Showdown - The final stage of a poker game where all of the remaining players show their cards to determine the winner

Small Blind - The amount paid by the player to the left of the dealer in a Hold'Em game


Tilt - A player is said to be "on tilt" when they are playing aggressively after a bad run of hands and is usually when a player looses their cool

Trips - Another name for Three-Of-A-Kind

Turn - The forth community card to be dealt