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The Etiquette Of Poker

With the huge rise of poker in both real life and online, there has been a huge influx of new players to this popular game. While most players can sit back, play the game well, and have fun at it, there's other players that can brush a few personalities the wrong way with their actions at the table.

Think about the image of poker. We all know the look of the professionally polished poker player that makes his way through the casino with his entourage in tow, exuding confidence before he even gets to the table. When he reaches his poker table, he sits down slowly and shows a respect for the other players at the table. This player exudes a confidence that makes him the envy of the other players and the object of desire for the women around him.

Even though this scene sounds more like some Hollywood movie script, it's possible for anyone to be able to have the right composure and frame-of-mind to play poker the right way. All that you need is to know the correct etiquette of poker and be able to use this when you play the game, deal with other players and generally take part in the whole experience of poker.

Poker Etiquette

  • Be polite - This sounds like it's way to basic to be said here, but every player needs to remember to be polite to the dealer and the other players. These are the people that you're hoping to beat at the game. You don't want them to be on your bad side from the start.
  • Choose your words carefully - There's no need for any sort of profanity at the poker table, no matter how bad your beat was. No matter what happens, it's all part of the game and if you can't control your emotions for a game, how can you expect yourself to be able to control your game play?
  • Play at a reasonable pace - There's always times when you will need a bit longer then usual to make a decision, but always remember that every other player has kept to a good pace of the game, so don't bet to fast or to slow and swing the momentum of the game one way or the other.
  • Wait your turn - Don't bet or make any sort of action when it's not your turn. This not only puts other players off, but could influence their actions and make the game worse for you.
  • Push your chips into the pot - DO NOT just throw your chips into the pot. This is one considered to be one of the rudest and most disrespectful acts that a poker player can do. This not only makes counting of the pot almost impossible, it also shows a lack of respect for the other players and the dealer.
  • Don't comment on another players hand - This is a common courtesy so that the other player doesn't feel threatened by you and will stick around longer, hopefully to loose more money to you!
  • Limit your conversation - A bit of talk around the table is acceptable, but not many players appreciate their concentration being thrown off by constant chatter going on around them. Let them have their turn in peace, and they'll do the same for you.

Online Poker Etiquette

Poker etiquette online is a lot easier then in real life. You can't throw chips, you can't control the speed of play as readily, and you can't throw other players off with noise or distractions. Even though all these things are taken out of the game, there is still some points to poker etiquette that you need to remember when playing poker online.

  • Limit chat during hands - No one wants to concentrate on their hand as well as answer a heap of messages from you. Let other players have peace when they are playing and limit chatting to the lobby and between hands.
  • Don't brag about big wins - Modesty is about the biggest part of being a courteous poker player. Telling people that you can play doesn't mean anything. Unless you can get on the table and prove your poker skills, no one is listening.